Starting with Pd-0.47-1 and installing GEM

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Intro to Pd-0.47-1

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Elk Queen and Hunter

Written at in Oct 2016

In the very North of the world at the source of the world river, where the ice melts into the purest of the waters we drink here on Earth–live the Hunter and Elk Queen. This world of the North is the land where the Sun goes to sleep, and our souls go when we die, it is where all life comes from, and where all life ends.

The Elk Queen and the Hunter had picked each other, and so they stay with each other always. In fact, so strong is the trance they put each other in, that new creation does not happen outside of their domain. Everything we have here comes from the well spring of their love.

The Elk Queen has a magical power and that is that she can create life. Any kind of living thing she dreams; it comes into existence. She created communally distributed moss consciousnesses, photon fields whose distribution patterns act like mobs in town halls, crystalline flowers that seem to be changeless for millennia, entire universes full of organic and inorganic life, all interdependant and mixed in such a way that the whole thing is a single organism. She doesn’t always make these things on purpose, sometimes they just flow out of her as she walks or talks or dreams. Sometimes they’re the monsters of her deepest fears, sometimes her wishes and memories.

The Hunter meanwhile, has the power to give or take away immortality–he can make anything re-generate, and he can make anything die. They balance each other out perfectly–he makes her monsters come to their ends, or freezes them in time, he makes one moment of bliss last an eternity.

Together they play at making entire planets of eternal spring, they extend the brief moment of life flourishing on the surface of stars into forever. They take walks through black holes.

She makes him all sorts of offerings, just for him to play with. He guides and loves them from the beginning of their lives til the ends, and he is always, always with them. All the creatures in the universe feel his love even if they don’t know it. He can give us guidance when we are lost, and when we return to the underworld, it is he who is there to take us into his arms.

Periodically the Hunter and the Queen have to separate. Before she met her husband, the Elk-Queen lived with her Grandmother Zoya. Grand-mother Zoya is the origin of all love and joy in the universe, and when the Elk-Queen was young, she lived in her grandmother’s stories.

So, every spring the Elk-Queen leaves the great North to visit with Grandmother Zoya in the South. Grandmother Zoya lives on the very edge of the Southern forest where the world river re-enters into the North. On the way to her grandmother’s house life bursts and grows beneath the Elk-Queen’s feet, sometimes it dies immediately, sometimes it bursts and grows out of control.

There are all sort of strange things birthing and flowing from her wake, things all mangled and writhing together, sometimes even things that would normally be living worlds apart. But mostly they are things that belong together, things from the same dream. The creatures fight and twist and creep for dominance. They find strange corners of dirt and darkness to dominate, they bask opulent and luxurious and falling apart in lassitude and their own decay. They get sick and quickly deteriorate, or live long in luck and joy. They eat each other, even when they are of one and the same family, they steal each other’s skin for warmth They dance, drunk on the spectacle of life coming through their eyelids in a gruesome dance of violence.

Only once she passes by every bit of the world river does her grandmother’s house appear. Then they sit at the edge of the underworld, and visit together for three full moons. But what they do, and what they talk about when they sit together, is the subject of another story. Grandmother Zoya can only step with one foot into the underworld, and so at the end of their visit she stands on the edge, hugging her grand-daughter good-bye.

During this time the Hunter falls into a deep deep sorrow, and all around him is tinged in sadness and a dark stygian blue. But even then the creations the Elk-Queen makes come back to him, and every time he receives one, he recognizes it as the endless love she has for him, takes it into his kingdom and gives it all the love he has for her. Until one day finally, she is the one that comes back.

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Mother Earth, Father Sky

I was riding on an air plane from the end of the map, or perhaps an end of the map, to Pittsburgh thinking of how to tell you this story. This particular end of the map is located at the NorthWest most point in Washington State, and there are two very satisfying things about it. One; is that it has a rainbow totem at the beach there. And the other is that it is so misty that when you stand with your back to the rainbow totem and look out into the rest of the world, there is just a smooth even keel gradient, the kind your graphics card likes to render when you get to the end of the map, fading by steps, into a single color.

And so I am flying from there to here watching the stars above as the lights from the cities below flicker past. The stars below are so numerous they are occluding the stars above. To get to Pittsburg and tell you a story I have to fly through a fold of stars mirroring stars, twirling around each other, endlessly. We love the stars so much we are making our earth look as tho she is covered in them. The light coming from them reflects in the atmosphere and creates a nice even keel gradient fading by step by step, into a single color, making a kind of end of the map when you look up at the sky.

And so the stars are slowly falling to the earth, and I sit there in this moment, slowed down in time in a freeze frame of a giant explosion. It will take many more years for the stars to finish their descent, and meanwhile, I fly back and forth in between time zones and in between the Sky and the Earth.

The man next to me is picking out letters on a screen of jumbled text to make words, and the one behind me is stroking cartoon jewels. Every time one of these men makes a successful stroke a little plunk sound comes from one and a bing sound comes from the other. I am trapped in what would be a flying casino if you went by the sounds. There is nowhere for me to go and there is no end to the gameplay they have bound themselves into. My phone and laptop batteries are dead. And so I look into the thin horizon line of light between Earth and Sly and I start to imagine I fall asleep, and have a dream.

In my dream I see a great bird lay a golden egg into the horizon between stars and stars. As she lays the egg she becomes the fabric of the universe. The egg contains Birth and Love. Together they grow and break out of the egg into the empty universe around the fold. Together they make Earth and Sky.

They make the stars from birth’s eyes, and the darkness between them from his thoughts. They make the wind from his breath and snow and hail from his tears. Sky and Earth together make all the things we see around us. And somehow in this process Sky loses Earth tho she is right there in front of him. Sky searches the Earth for Earth but does not see her. In the distance he notices a little grey duck swimming above a dark hole in the water. He asks the duck if she has seen the Earth. Duck says that she’s down at the bottom of the Ocean. Sky asks the duck to go get her. The duck disappears and returns a year later saying that she couldn’t hold her breath any longer and asks for help. So Sky calls for Birth’s help, who blows a mighty wind, stirring up the Ocean, and the duck dives back down.

Two years pass and the duck returns saying, “I got closer this time but still ran out of breath.”

So Sky calls upon Birth, who brings a storm upon the ocean and shoots lightning into the duck.

Cyberorgduck dives down and is gone for 3 years.

After 3 years the duck returns with a branch in her mouth.

Sky takes the branch, rubbing it in his palms begins to command the forces of the world:

“Make warmth, Sun! Light up, Moon! Blow, Wind!”

All the elements come together, the wind blows the branch from Sky’s hands.
As it falls into the ocean, the sun shins, heating the ocean, as the water evaporates the Moist Earth appears at the surface.

So do the Earth and Sky live happily ever after? What part does the Ocean really play in all this? And what ever happened to love?

I found my dream rather suspicious and started to wonder how to break through this fourth wall of solid color that seems to insist on making it self present at the edge of perceptions.

And here my plane started banking and descending, descending below the horizon line onto the Earth’s surface yet again. I haven’t seen the stars since then for the city’s glow, and I wonder what combination of jewels I need to stroke or words I need to string to get past the horizon line and keep going? Is the space between stars really comprised of thoughts? And will I find pieces of golden egg shells when I wander through them?

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Happy New Year !


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Check one two

Check one two



Ah pe-an t-as ke t-an te loo

Parrots, also known as sittacines /ˈsɪtəsaɪnz/, are birds

that melancholy among the most intelligent

and are found in most tropical and subtropical regions.

feeding on floral nectar and soft fruits. Almost all

fellow’ll play.

of the roughly 372 species in 86 genera that make up the order sittaci-formes,

his handorgan

until you say

“i want a fortune”

Characteristic features of parrots include


ne vas ke than sa-na was-ke

diminished wild populations.

The order is subdivided into three superfamilies: the sittaco-idea (‘true’ parrots), the Cacatuo-idea (cockatoos) and the Strigo-po-idea (New Zealand parrots).

.At which (smiling) he stops: a strong, curved bill

Parrots, along with ravens, crows, jays and magpies, are among the most intelligent birds

are true because they can’t be true

eat animals and carrion, while the lories


ing up a magical stick


the ability of some species to imitate human voices enhances their popularity as pets

lon ah ve shan too

Te wan-se ar ke ta-ne voo te

lan se o-ne voo

to conserve the habitats of some high-profile spieces

many of the less charismatic birds

subjected to more exploitation


this dingy cage: then with a ghost

‘s rain-faint wind-thin

than any other group of words.


no-voice sob-cries

“paw? lee”

— whereupon out (SlO–wLy) steps (to

several species inhabiting and

mount the wand) a by no

means almost

white morethanPerson;

who lays white eggs

The most important components of most parrots’ diets are seeds

(riding through space

to diminutive this

opened drawer) tweak

S with brutebeak

in the same ecosystems.

one fatal faded (pinkish or

yellowish maybe) piece

of pitiful paper —

but now, as Mr bowling Cockatoo

hatch altricial

proffers the meaning of the stars

40th road dis (because my tears

are full of eyes) appears. Because

only the truest thing always

mostly white to mostly black

read at “Make It Til You Break It” at Flux Factory June 28, 2013
A mashup of EE Cummings “That Melancholy Fellow”, Wikipedia’s entry on Parrots, and Shaker trance poetry
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from Here

from Here
to There
Waves waft as will
my will
your will
How do you calm the will of man mother nature?
I don’t want to come in for dinner.
Mother Nature!
I will have none of your pacing
ill placed–solicitations
you can leave that trash outside
and I hope
because faith
because love
these waves
of electron ocean swells
we crawled out
and criss cross double crossed
the streams of construct and creation

Please be sure to hit” R” as in Roger, between turns, it resets the game

Read at the presentation of “We Make the Weather” at Eyebeam Thursday January 31 2013

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generative geometries are the Suprematism of our time

>>> ================================ RESTART ================================


lumens are the Metaphysical painting of our time

pixels are the Constructivism of our time

bits are the Art Deco of our time

arbitrary rules are the Neo-expressionism of our time

repetitions are the Pop art of our time

derivations are the Minimalism of our time

generative geometries are the Surrealism of our time

arrays are the Oprechniki of our time

vectors are the Color Field of our time

arbitrary rules are the Vorticism of our time

bits are the Deconstructivism of our time

lines of code are the Socialist Realism of our time

lines of code are the Automatistes of our time

iterations are the Pixel Art of our time

iterations are the Neo-Dada of our time

atoms are the Neoism of our time

pixels are the Modernism of our time

signals are the Space Art of our time

generative geometries are the Arte Povera of our time

arrays are the Academic art of our time

repetitions are the Arts and Crafts Movement of our time

vectors are the Romanticism of our time

generative geometries are the Abstract art of our time


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patching circle, tutorial, etc

The following is a quick tutorial to move from the ground up to skeleton tracking hardware control with kinect. It goes over the basics of PD, Arduino, and Synapse. I am using Synapse because it is a one-click install for working with kinect data, and seems to function on most platforms. If you are in New York, we will be hosting a patching circle at 319 Scholes this Tuesday, Nov 22, from 6-9pm, for more fun with graphical programming in a roomy, venue setting.

first, download these files.































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Hello Word! Hello Word! Hello Word! Hello Word! Hello Word! Hello Word!

Our reading and writing electronic text will put on a final performance on May 6th at 7pm

721 Bway, Ground Floor Common Room, be there!


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