I ain’t got no body, continued

I ain’t got no body, continued

How can this be done with love?

The body implemented would be specific in it’s composition, a character by virtue of it’s body, the way a cat is by default different from a snail. But the structure underneath it would be modular and multi purpose. Hopefully allowing me to continue on a path of development for a long run to come.

What: One or more “bodies” to jack into from the net, a net, etc. Possibly even, (and this has always been a fantasy of mine) a space. What does it mean about our experience of the world if our body is mapped to a space?

When: First Plateau: Develop protocol and plan for documentation etc.

Why: I always wondered what it would be like to be a carp, so flat and smooth, on the bottom of the sea floor. How do we map a carp’s body to that of a human?

Because I feel empty and I want to look at everything in such depth that maybe I will finally prove or disprove the reality of anything that I perceive. At least for the benefit of my own peace of mind, if nothing else.

To exacerbate the abyss of the other, push to the limit any indication that they really exist. Trying to mediate life with a mechanical process. Trying to mechanize deconstruct and decontextualize everything.

Who: Anyone with internet, should it be p2p? All access all the time, peep show 2.0 or something more specific you have to make an appointment for etc?

How: Serially enabled devices can be controlled from the internet, we will see which ones and how after some market research and analysis.

I am proposing to develop an open interface for telepresence, with some kind of modular infrastructure. Perhaps it will take the form of something like the chat roulette but with physically present “bodies”. Its related to teledildonics too, and all the beautiful notions of the passion where you give your body over to the process, except that process is embodied by other people, close ones, strangers.

I accept all assignments!

My own perceived strengths:

Some modicum of craftsmanship, some ability to make things work and bring them to a close if not a polish when push comes to shove, can organize workflow, know my limits


Poor language and communication abilities, laziness, don’t know my limits



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