I ain’t got no body, calendar and mood boards


10 weeks (last two weeks of the semester are reserved for finishing, dealing with lose ends and unexpected problems, making the documentation website, and preparing the piece for the show)

week 1(by Feb 9) Have Reliable Xbee communication between website and “body” the last run failed after the first few commands were sent. Determine what kind of interaction design should occur between user and body

week 2(by Feb 16) Design and start amassing parts for “body”, should it be able to walk, should it be modular, a space, I don’t know

week 3(by Feb 23) Make trial run (maybe send it to canada and use it to play with sister, or give it to Ben)

week 4(by March 2)revisions/reiteration

week 5(by March 9) one more exchange/test

week 6(by March 16) time to order new/more parts if necessary, change control interface if necessary

week 7(by March 23)next test

week 8(by March 30)recap, re-assesment

week 9(by April 6)build up the project again

week 10(by April 13)document/source code

(my dates don’t seem to coincide with the academic calendar, I don’t care enough to fix them, earlier is better)

The three projects that I feel are successful that are related to mine are the first three slides.

The first slide is a scene from the movie “surrogates” which while being a product of the holywood machine, does have it’s successes. I particularly liked one part in the movie when the antagonist went clubbing in the body of a 20 year old british pop star looking body and met a woman, who was kindof a typical holywood blonde. They liberally flung themselves (or maybe just one of them did), off the side of a building to no harm. They turned into an alley way, and right before the fateful moment of coitus, they were murdered. The young man turned out to be a wheel chair bound decrepit, and the blonde was a clinically overweight man.

It was nice in that the characters were engaging each other as androids and also as the characters in human society that they were representing. Of course the scene was super successful because it was actually played by a sultry hollywood blonde and a young man that looks like a british pop star. Which is further amusing on account of all the recursion, us dealing with actors in the first place and so on.

The second slide is of Golan Levin’s Opto Isolator and Double Take. These robots are following an algorithm that dictates their actions, but they have incredible personality and character. Even of they were commandeered by any stranger they would still be very much driven by the nature of their bodies. And that is one of the aspects of this project that is driving me most, the desire to experience, no matter how remotely, existence in another body,

Next is Adrianne Wortzel’s Kiru from Camouflage Town. Her work centers around robotics and theater. This makes it particularly interesting in that she works on developing specific characters. People from the internet could control Kiru and engage with visitors in the museum, but only through his voice, and body.

The rest of the images are aesthetic inspiration, not conceptual. Although the lunahods and astronaughts whose bodies are monitored down to the heartbeat and sent out into space on behalf of humanity, are quite poignant. The ones on the bottom with men in bug like masks is also an art project, but I don’t remember it’s name, if you do, please write to yud dot sofy at gmail dot com.



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