Sound &da City assign. 2

Combine Image and Sound.

My first desire and impulse  is to go scream at a painting. What is a more prototypical created image than a painting, and what is more primal than a scream?

What I would have done:

Walk into the Reina Sophia, pay my ticket, go up the stairs, walk up to Guernica, and, start screaming, for just as long as the air in my lungs lasts, letting it die off naturally, and then walk away.


Various foley, and samples and an excerpt from we all scream alone, by Gregory Whitehead, and a photograph of Guernica displayed at the Reina Sophia.

The actual output: Lots of  attempts at integrating video with audio as a VJ tool in PD, including a patch with a bandpass filter applied to both image and sound, long live synesthesia.

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