nime assignments n˚1 and 2

The assignment for week one (which I missed) was

  • a) Create a musical instrument using any material or technique you like.
  • b) Prepare a one minute performance to played in class

I created a heart rate sensor with an led and an ldsr. Since the ldsr is a variable resistor I used it to modulate the speed at which a sample from a greeting card is played. I then made this into a custom wearable out of shapelock (the heart sensor sits around my thumb), and routed the output of the wearable to fm frequency 88.1. You can now listen to my heart, modulating the intro of The Age of Aquarius (it sounds like noise music, the song itself is rarely recognizable) if you are within 100 feet of my body.

Pictures and performance documentation coming shortly.

Assignment 2 was “Inspirational Sounds”: Bring a one minute audio clip of music it to share with the class. This can be music that you use for a specific purpose or task, or it can simply be music that you find compelling. Most importantly, be prepared to explain why you find this music inspiring. Try to identify the qualities that appeal to you or that make it well suited to the purpose for which you use it.

A one minute audio clip is a tall order. Inspiration in audio comes through the time spent with it, and one minute is hardly any time at all considering the amount of audio the average person, not to mention one infatuated with audio listens to and takes pleasure from.

That said here a beginning, middle, interlude and end.





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