4 obstructions to a mulligan

1: text.generate()

The Buck Mulligan is a natural phenomenon having been explained

by competent men as pawns. Let them go and fight the Boers. Old

Whatwhat. I called about the vulnerable point too of those

sausageeating bastards on the rocks , he said calmly. An Irishman must

think like that the world they lived in Fetter lane near Gerard the

herbalist , who when dying in exile frees and endows his slaves , with

sunken eyes , rather bunged up : and held his peace. –I see , Mr

Dedalus snarled. That Mulligan is a heaven.

2: Concordance

Stately , plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead

and lathered cheeks and neck. Buck Mulligan ‘s gay voice went on. –My name is

–My name is absurd too : Malachi Mulligan , two dactyls. But it has a Hellen,

Buck Mulligan peeped an instant under the mirror.

–to shave with care. –Tell me , Mulligan , Stephen said quietly. –Yes ,

going to stay in this tower ? Buck Mulligan showed a shaven cheek over his rig,

his guncase ? –A woful lunatic ! Mulligan said. Were you in a funk ? –I was,

if he stays on here I am off. Buck Mulligan frowned at the lather on his razor,

dirty crumpled handkerchief. Buck Mulligan wiped the razorblade neatly. Then

–Our mighty mother ! Buck Mulligan said. He turned abruptly —

your dying mother asked you , Buck Mulligan said. I ‘m hyperborean as much as

loud groaning vomiting. Buck Mulligan wiped again his razorblade. –Ah,

enough, Stephen answered. Buck Mulligan attacked the hollow beneath his

grey. –He can’t wear them , Buck Mulligan told his face in the mirror. Etiquette

in the Ship last night , said Buck Mulligan , says you have g.p.i. He ‘s up in

the skivvy ‘s room , Buck Mulligan said. It does her all right. The

looking-glass of a servant. Buck Mulligan suddenly linked his arm in Stephen

at night. –Then what is it ? Buck Mulligan asked impatiently. Cough it up. I

asked. –Yes , what is it ? Buck Mulligan answered. I do n’t remember anything

after my mother ‘s death ? Buck Mulligan frowned quickly and said : –What

who was in your room. –Yes ? Buck Mulligan said. What did I say ? I forget. –

more engaging rose to Buck Mulligan ‘s cheek. –Did I say that ? he asked,

o my mother. –Of what then ? Buck Mulligan asked. –Of the offence to me , St.

Stephen answered. Buck Mulligan swung round on his heel. –O , and

called loudly : –Are you up there , Mulligan ? –I ‘m coming , Buck Mulligan and

none .

3. Generate context

Mulligan , the same time , the same time , the same time .

4. Mu!

much mutch mutsch mud mudd mulligan mum mumm mumme musch mush mut


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