A Ghost Writes

Final ICM Project

A Ghost Writes is a project in materializing messages sent over the ether into a time based site specific experience. We gave the printing machine an algorithmic “personality”.

The computer is…
A medusa
It can be anything and everything
Primordial electronic ooze
Ancient mechanical technologies have a singular purpose.
For instance the typewriter is used to write, it is rooted in a physical experience. A Ghost Writes celebrates undisrupted long distance communication by allowing the word to become flesh.

Find it here.

doesn’t really work without hardware, but the page is there.




And so, for the documentationphoto-2

We managed to parse incoming emails from the gmail account. Almost managed to send that out to leds representing solenoids on the typewriter’s keys (we only seem to be able to send the first one out). We ordered solenoids! That up next!

On the future of the evolution of the piece;

If there is a mechanical object, that receives messages from the ether, If the object could vocalize itself, what would it say on the subject?

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