Sound in the City, Listening Assignment One


I went to one of my favorite places in New York, on a very cold January afternoon (with good company). Armed with a Panasonic tape recorder with a tape inside untouched since the early nineties, “Chrome”, by Catherine Wheel. I had, of course neglected to get equipment on time from the er, but the abandoned medium fit the abandoned space.

There were ducks and geese flying low in flocks, grazing the frigid water, paddling about in makeshift lagoons that cropped up inside hulls of rusted out barges. There were cinderblocks overgrown with muscles, a contaminated park nearby, closed off to humans. If Tarkovsky lived in South Brooklyn, he would have had a cow.

Hmm, that’s the second reference I make to him in this class. Odd.

Here are the words:

carcasses, shelled hulls, graveyard of muscles

seared wings, touched water

skimmed ice, we are walking on thin ice

danger, contaminated grounds

close your mouth, close your eyes

I can’t say I’m not surprised

there is a sanctuary here

And here is the aif