WoWiWa in the Flesh

respectively: la jetee time machine, bowflex full body toning gym, 12 monkeys interrogation device, davinci telepresence operator, surrogates sim chair

The Machine, The Cloud of Communal Cognition, and YOU


Real World Radio Stations that also stream to the internet, simulated 3d reality, a full body interface, a singular, human consciousness.


Its happening all the time, but you can’t be part of it, or affect it unless you plug in.



There always seems to be this substitution of senses, sensory input and awareness to achieve telepresence. Why is it always looking like this:

and not like this:

you know he’ll jump up and catch you if you even think of getting close.
Why does he seem so powerful (other than the fact that he’s batman)? What is it about having extra body interfaces that makes us wary of our own fragility?

Nothing in my life ever changes


Here is the first lab from ITP’s physical computing class. I won’t document it in detail as it is something that is thoroughly documented here. All I can say is my life is so consistently a mess of electronic guts on a table dangerously close to a coffee cup.


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