Assignment n˚2

For the second assignment of Rest of you we had to make or use) two sensors, an outward pointing one, and an inward pointing one, and log their output for as long as possible.

My outward pointing sensor was to draw every night the things I see right before falling asleep. It is a stretch to say that these things are outward pointing, but they are perceived as being exterior.








The inward pointing sensor was a heart sensor made from an led, a resistor and a ldsr affecting a recorded piece of music (The Age of Aquarius), this is then broadcast to 88.1 fm, from whence anyone in a range of 100 meters can tune in and record the audio, thus creating a log. I futzed around with this combination until the ldsr had enough variance from the light changing around my finger (theoretically the blood flowing in and out) to be noticeable by the human ear as rythmic. I think that an interesting and noticeable effect has been achieved, but I need a professional grade heart sensing device to pit my data against to be sure that that is the information we are hearing and not the projections of our own desires to believe.


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A Ghost Writes

Final ICM Project

A Ghost Writes is a project in materializing messages sent over the ether into a time based site specific experience. We gave the printing machine an algorithmic “personality”.

The computer is…
A medusa
It can be anything and everything
Primordial electronic ooze
Ancient mechanical technologies have a singular purpose.
For instance the typewriter is used to write, it is rooted in a physical experience. A Ghost Writes celebrates undisrupted long distance communication by allowing the word to become flesh.

Find it here.

doesn’t really work without hardware, but the page is there.



Phantasy Device

My fantasy device would be to listen to the radio station of another person’s brain. Like if my friend’s brains were hooked up to some NamJune Paik sculptures. The sculptures being in my house and my friends being all over the world.

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