temporary post for understanding networks

Physical interface to networked game: I thought it would be funny to control our network game by punching it, I made a pillow whos left side you could punch to move left, and right side you could punch to move right.

Mapping Assignment: I made a map of the jumps it took me to get to the various parliament sites of governments of countried in which I have lived. The file got corrupted when I lost my drive, recovery will be made when time allows.

Restian assignment:

Definition From Wikipedia:

Representational State Transfer (REST) is a style of software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems such as the World Wide Web. REST-style architectures consist of clients and servers. At any particular time, a client can either be in transition between application states or “at rest”. A client in a rest state is able to interact with its user, but creates no load and consumes no per-client storage on the set of servers or on the network.  REST uses existing features of the HTTP protocol, and thus allows existing layered proxy and gateway components to perform additional functions on the network such as HTTP caching and security enforcement.

I am working on a limited agency telepresence project that uses AJAX to write information to a file that controls a puppet through a web browser. The link is here: http://www.no-exceptions.com/no-body/swi.php

When a user click on the button for “turn left” or “turn right” a number is written to a text file using POST which is then read by a locally connected telepresence device for agency by the user who initiated the POST in the first place. This is all done without navigating away from the control page. Feedback of the success of the button press is monitored through an open skype session, running in parallel, that is connected to the computer with the tethered puppet.


pictures of the puppets from maker faire. You can make a skin for them out of paper to give them perdonality, for when you inhabit them via telepresence.


the back of a skinless “shy” model


front of the skinless “shy” robot


front of the robot whos only agency is to swivel his body from 0 to 180 degrees.

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